Advisory 360

Power your advisory services with AI, data connectors and deep insights



  • Accounting practice
  • Advisory consultant
  • Accountant



Accounting firm

Advisor 360 is a platform to make your business more competitive and profitable.   The future of connected accounting, neatly combined in one service. With Advisor 360 your firm, team and clients are more connected, more productive, can develop new services, improve competitiveness – and generate more revenue. It is designed for intelligent, accurate and visual communication. Data and Insights at right time to the right people.

Features for business advisor

Advanced features for professionals who want to turn their financial expertise into business advisory services and insights.



Transform accountant work with top-notch automated customer reporting for business advisory and modern customer collaboration.  Build the steps for Your accountants to become business advisors.

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Accounting service design


Get started with a wide range of visually appealing ready made financial reports

Transform how your business supports advisory

Bring Your client engagement into new level


Automated client communication

Create automated alerts across you whole client portfolio to automate Up-to-date financial reporting.  When alerts are activated, immediately notify your team and advisors to take action.

Customer management

Include ready-made, customizable queries as part of customer reporting. Increase Your understanding of what your customer really need.  Advisory 360 transform standard self service reporting to value added content. Share the information that is truly valuable to Your client, it will surely increase Your NPS.

Let the numbers do the talking

Get started with ready made metrics, KPI´s & dashboards.  Automated connections to accounting softwares gives You an easy access to all financial data and reporting is synchronized with Your accounting process. Customize your client’s financial data for deep insights with advanced formulas and API.

Full Reporting Automation

Take control of your reporting process

Start delivering information that makes sense in real-time

Monitor the budget and cashflow estimates

Automate your budget tracking and integrate financial performance with future planning.


Pre-built templates for financial and sales dashboards

Your clients deserve the best. Provide complete, visually appealing and automated client reporting from the very start.

Diagnose, track and interact with visual analytics

Get client insights at a glance and react in real-time to irregularities and deviations in financial information. Share insights and observation within the client reporting.

Smart budgeting and forecasting

Add value with advanced features for professionals

Enrich the data with insights

Self-service and real-time analytics for decision makers

Connect Your client to visually explore metric to see trends and compare results. Empower the users to answer their own critical business questions.

Connected budgeting and forecasting

Steer Your client business performance by connecting data, stakeholders and plans with easy and controlled way. Automated features saves time and money and are great assistance to CFO.

Leverage machine learning in scenarios and forecasts

Verify you client plans with scenario tool that helps You and Your client to focus the most important actions for better future. It brings a new meaning to traditional budgeting.

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