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Our fast-changing world and the huge flow of information requires an efficient and automated way to shift through information, and an effective process to make assessments and draw conclusions. You can spot what others do not see.

The most efficient way to implement decisions

Bring together the metrics and data you want. Carry out monitoring in a transparent and shared manner. Visualised and joined-up strategy work ensures the right issues end up on the agenda and guarantees successful implementation.

The best decisions, as fast as possible

Combine information sources, ask questions and get involved. A shared, up-to-date situational picture allows for faster reactions and guarantees better decisions.

The most committed people

Facilitation of a modern and inclusive management system inspires talent and supports learning. The multiplier effect of enhancing management systems leads to major improvements in results.

A modern software platform for the management of your entire business

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4straction supports key roles

Owner and investor

  • How can you ensure the optimal increase in value for your investment?
  • Can your company achieve the goals set out in its strategy whilst also realising its targeted value increase?
  • Can your strategy be efficiently realised with effective management?
  • Strategies can be unclear or unrealistic. A significant proportion of management time is often spent dealing with issues rather than focusing on strategy implementation.

4straction helps to ensure that organisations have a functional and well-understood strategy, as well as steer the management’s focus towards the key issues facing the company.


Board of directors

As a member of the board, you may often find yourself working primarily with the company’s financial figures, with little access to key signs of change.

4straction offers the board real-time information about the company’s outlook and realisation of the strategy. The service makes the production of board reports easier and ensures that decisions are passed between the board and the managing director.

Managing director

  • As a managing director, you are too busy to formulate the clear and sufficient overview required for efficient decision making from fragmented information.
  • You end up making decisions based on inadequate information or find yourself putting off decision making.

4straction provides managing directors with the market data and figures required for decision making, supplemented with the organisation’s outlook, and helps to keep focus on the key issues with regard to realisation of the strategy.

Management team

  • The work of the management team focuses too heavily on the current situation and the past. The preparatory and background material required for decision making is often difficult to come by and everyday matters draw attention away from the strategic focus.
  • The tools used are inadequate for forming a joint vision for the future and creating a functional strategy.

4straction’s service can help management and other teams’ decision-making processes flow in a straightforward manner, as well as making sure the right parties are involved. This ensures greater accuracy in foreseeing future developments, and coordinates and ensures the implementation and monitoring of the management team’s decisions.

Financial management and controller

As financial director, more is expected of you than just reporting figures. Without effective tools, the collation and enrichment of fragmented information, in real time no less, is impossible. Eradication of uncertainty regarding the financial impact of decisions demands an unrealistic amount of time and effort.

4straction helps with the measuring, collecting and collating of the predictive business intelligence needed for decision making, as well as its assessment through dialogue.

Operations and functionalities

Whether your area of responsibility covers sales, marketing, production or customer service operations, you can no longer work with just analyses alone. The growing and constant flow of information can easily drown out opportunities, and unnoticed signs can grow into difficult-to-manage risks and costs. Uncertainty manifests as inefficiency and is visible in people’s motivation and commitment.

With 4Straction’s help, you can automate the monitoring of market information and your operating environment, locate opportunities, and channel them into actions. A participatory communication process facilitates the creation of a joint situational picture and ensures better commitment to the realisation of the strategy.


4straction makes it easy to address strategic challenges and expertise. The service ensures an efficient way to involve people in development processes and helps users to assess feelings and performance.

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