Bridge the gap between strategy and action

Living Strategy®

An innovative process that makes better strategies and make strategy work

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which connects the Board, the CEO and the key groups in strategywork

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Seamless cooperation in strategy work for the Board, CEO and key groups

The service provides real-time updates on the company’s outlook and strategy. It tunes team’s strategic capabilities to the top and creates an overall picture of fragmented knowledge as well as common understanding. It helps to focus on the right things in the strategy.

Customer stories


“For us, the added value has come from the fact that the strategy does not remain mere phrases. With the help of visuals, the participants can really see how what they do affect the realization of the strategy and what role their own actions represent in it”

Tero Kärpijoki

Data & Analytics Manager, Magicad


“The fact that it is possible to identify threats, evaluate targets, vote on alternatives. You can, for example, familiarize yourself with the meeting materials in advance or assign tasks for the next meeting. This makes meetings more efficient. In addition, it is possible to use the results of the work phases as a basis for the content of the following work phases and to take them to other workshops.”

Jari Jokinen

Lead Consult, Netum

Joutsenon Elementti

“Together with 4straction, we built a tool for forecasting our cash flow. The end result is very good and we were able to predict the development of last year’s cash register and the monthly fluctuations very accurately already at the beginning of the year. For the local management of our factories, the information produced by 4straction has been eye-opening and enabled professional development.”

Simo Tahvanainen

CEO, Joutsenon Elementti