Strategic management – the most certain way of providing an increase in value

Our years of experience in corporate management operations have convinced us of the effect of strategy work and its implementation on the improvement of a company’s increase in value. All too often, strategy is only seen as a tool for the management, and this may result in the true potential of a company remaining undiscovered.  Also, numerous studies identifies some key issues in corporate strategy work in their observations. The issues had to do with the detachment, communicativeness, planning and inclusion of strategy work. The Living Strategy concept we have developed provides a connection between strategic work and the management system and management team work.

Pioneers at birth

By combining our experience in the software business with the coaching in the management strategy work, and with entrepreneurship and high targets, we have an excellent starting point for solving the management challenges of our customers.

The role of the CEO and the management is focused more and more on business structures, organisational competence and change management. This is also what a management’s service system should primarily support.

Markku Nylund


Markku Nylund

Markku has gained his experience in the management tasks of growth and start-up companies, ranging from the international sports business to today’s successful software business.

tel. +358 400 753863


During their mutual business trips, when Risto and Markku made observations on the challenges related to the implementation of business management and strategy, Mika and Ari were discussing strategy work and services that would go with it; “Management Relations Management”, “Real-Time Agenda, “Living Strategy”. Over the years, the working title has been changed and re-invented many times. The idea has also been refined into its present form, using a slow maturing process- as with the best of wines


Mika Taipale

Mika has worked as an entrepreneur in a growing software business Passeli Ohjelmat Oy and in Netvisor Oy. He has experience and vision in setting sufficiently challenging goals and reaching them.

The management systems and strategy processes used by the company and organisation have not been made as efficient as the enterprise-resource and financial planning have been made.

Mika Taipale

M.Sc. (Tech.), Business Development


For Strategic Action. At some point, it was noted that the significance of strategic work is undisputable and that its theoretical background is sound. What are needed are better practices for managing strategic work. Instead of writing a book on the topic, we decided to create a software service that would combine strategy work and a management system. This decision was expedited by the observation that there are no prepared and functioning tools for strategic management on the market. We took on the challenge!

In June 2015, we crystalized our ideas into a service vision and established a company. During the Spring of 2016, we designed a new method for the management to use in the analysis of their business operations. Later during the year 2017, the companies will have the first services for the strategic management of business operations at their disposal.



Communication in companies is already largely digitalized, but the utilisation of data in business applications has not seen many improvements since the 1990s.

Risto Matikainen

Chief Architect

Risto Matikainen

Risto has worked in various expert and management tasks in Netvisor Oy and in Visma’s international product-development organisation. Risto has practical experience in developing a software service that serves hundreds of thousands of users.

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From implementation to practice

We have discovered that in most cases, the challenges related to strategic management lie in the implementation of the strategy, i.e., in putting it into practice.

How do we get everyone to work towards a common goal? This is very simple – when the goals and direction are clear and the plans have been prepared, the only thing left to do, is to manage.

Management is an entirety consisting of board work, management team work, supervisory work and self-management. Strategy, management and sales have a central effect on the growth and profitability of a company. We wanted to create an entirely new model for management and for the implementation of strategy work.


Hannu Winberg

Hannu has worked with big international organisations (Kone, Capgemini, Visma Azets) and smaller companies (Frends Oy, Lavit Oy co-founder). He has experience in board and management work. He has been in sales, profitability management, change management and service productization.

tel. +358 40 723 7330

Hannu on board – 2017

When I was getting to know 4straction I got extremely excited! I have missed a tool for steering and managing whole company. Here it is!

Hannu Winberg

Sales director

Requirements of a modern management system

The software used by the management is still often very fragmented and the information is scattered. The commissioning of a new reporting tool for the management does not ease the problem. The most crucial thing is to gather the correct tools and data flows in the service to ease the ever more complicated management work.

Our goal is not to use the information system to mechanize the multifaceted nature of human thought, but rather conversely, to free the time and energy of the highly-paid company management for more demanding thinking and planning work. This sets the requirements for a modern management system supported by diverse and functioning software tools with excellent usability properties.


In 15 minutes, you will have a comprehensive evaluation of the current situation of your strategic management