Digital Consultant as a Service

Still struggling with conventional strategy work? It’s slow, time-consuming and non-productive. Now you can hire a digital strategy consultant that works for you 24/7

Results in a week

Starting with digital consultant is easy. Set up initial participants, set schedule, set themes to cover and you are ready. You can expect results in a week

Why digital consultant?

Pinpoint real issues

Pinpoint real issues that everybody knows but nobody is talking about.

Amplify weak signals

Use wisdom of the crowd to find and categorize weak signals

Scales when you scale

Digital consultant can handle 10 or 1000 discussions. Results are aggregated automatically by teams, departments or business areas

Avoid groupthink

Avoid loudest-people-in-the-room syndrome. Get direct and clear feedback, also from introverts and specialists

Finds champions

Wisdom of the crowd will find champions in different level of competence. Weigh future results based on past behaviour

Fully automated

Digital consultant works as a service based on given parameters automatically and aggregates results and reports to facilitators automatically.

Consultant can cover wide range of topics, such as general feedback, current activities and alignment with goals, current productivity issues and improvement areas, strategy execution bottlenecks and risks, customer landscape and non-customers, weak signals from the market.



No new interfaces to learn or apps to install. Discussion takes place where people already are and when they are available, in a conversational format. Supported media are WhatsApp, #Slack, Microsoft Teams, SMS or a browser.

Users can set up discussions when they area available physically and mentally.


Curated reports to management

Digital consultant as a service automatically aggregates responses and models them against widely used frameworks. Service will automatically delivers facilitators and management with reports and analyses from results in format that is easy to comprehend.

Service will only focus on major points and will get rid of the weeds of information.


Feedback loop

Users are tired of surveys or polls where there is no clear feedback. Digital consultant will automatically provide feedback to all participants after each discussion cycle is over. You can see where your thoughts aligned with the crowd and if you opinion was voted

Consecutive rounds will follow-up on items from past rounds and make discussion natural and not just an empty feedback slate.


Start your 30 day free trial. Your people will love this, and so will you