Living Strategy™ Platform

Seamless collaboration for strategy implementation

Strategy design

The service allows you to manage the entire process of continuous strategy work. Digital facilitation boost performance through engaged and strategically focused teams. Use the best strategic analysis in a whole new way, guided, automatic, and virtual. That thrives high levels of involvement and collaboration.

Accelerate months of work into weeks with digital facilitator

With the help of the service’s workshop functionalities, you effectively lead the organization’s thought work into strategic analyzes and the most important conclusions. You can create sharp guidance through questions and assessments, and step up progress based on the best strategic frameworks. You can collect views and assessments, either automatically or with the facilitator, even from the entire staff.

Modelling your strategy process

The structure of the strategy, the analyzes used and the information collected can be modeled for the service as a strategy process. It will automate data collection, compilation and communication and ensure that the results of digital facilitation are linked without delay and transparently to the implementation of the strategy.

Data for observations and conclusions

You can model the external and internal business environment to collect and compile of relevant findings. Observations can be part of the content of analyzes to draw conclusions. With the service, you can amplify the impact of your personnel. That thrives understanding of strategy throughout the organization and affect engagement and performance.

Develop strategic capabilities

The analyzes of the service enable several different ways to support group thinking, eliminating traditional thought distortions in the decision-making of individuals and groups. By establishing a continuous analysis and feedback loop, the strategic capability of the organization is developed.

For the strategist, a mind map for managing demanding structures

You can visualize the strategy structures as a whole with the help of a mind map. On one page, you can see the big picture that is easy to edit and expand all the way to actions.

Describe the strategy journey in the form of a story

You can easily move from a strategy map to a story and shape the milestones or breakthroughs needed for your goals. They concretize the focus areas of the measures. At the same time, they form anchor points for real-time monitoring.

Ennakoi liiketoimintasi tulevaisuutta

Business simulaattorin avulla voit tarkastella niin ulkoisten tekijöiden kuin sisäisten ja strategisten toimenpiteiden vaikutuksia liiketoimintaasi muuttuvassa ympäristössä. Voit yhdessä tiimisi kanssa hahmottaa kehitykseen vaikuttavia tekijöitä ja näet niiden vaikutukset samantien. Sen avulla luot yhteisen jaetun tulevaisuuskuvan.

Arvioi toimintasuunitelman vaikutusta

Business simulator on ketterä apuväline strategisten toimenpiteiden taloudellisen vaikuttavuuden ja merkittävyyden arvioinnissa. Löydetään potentiaalisimmat kohteet ja vältetään turhat ohilyönnit. Varmistetaan konkreettisesti oikeat asiat agendalla.


Effective implementation of the strategy starts with transparent inclusion. What is needed is inspiring meaning, clear direction, concrete goals and clear roles. Empower your team to focus on dialogue, objectives and outcomes. ​It ensures teams work according to focus areas.

Smart meeting structure for regular and effective meetings

Agenda features of the service help to schedule and manage systematically decisions and actions. It automates the preparation of meetings, as well as to improve the follow-up of decisions. Link action items, key results, KPIs, initiatives and scoreboards to ensure all topics are relevant and effective for the decision-making process. The system forms meeting minutes automatically for participants if needed.

Schedule and plan recurring meetings

One of the most important features of our meeting management software is the ability to schedule recurring meetings and embed them to practices. The meeting summary clearly distinguishes between the different meeting series and their schedule in one view.

A shared space with a smart agenda

Helps You to focus on dialogue and outcomes. Pulse view brings together the latest conversation, between meetings, teams and tasks.

Is it clear to everyone what they are doing to implement the strategy?

The team and organization map creates a perspective for implementation. It guides review, information flow, and strategy work to participants and ensures information flow throughout the organization. With the help of virtual teams, you form the control of joint projects across organizational boundaries.

Keep your team’s key information up to date

In the situation room, you will find, according to your role, the most important findings from the implementation of the strategy, scoreboards and market observations. Ensure effective and inspiring engagement through teams and people. A visual team map helps guide the right information to the right people.

Boost performance through strategically focused teams and measurable goals

A software tool that allows every employee to see the impact of their work. The service allows you to see a common overview of the most important goals and steps to achieve them. You make sure that the implementation of the strategy is visible and understandable.

Translate strategy into Action

Manage your teams’ actions all in one place to make sure everyone is pushing in the same direction. With the road map view you can instantly create a view from different perspectives. Reachability of goals, prospect of success, state of activity, all the key issues in monitoring a living strategy.

Focus on outcomes with objects and key results

The service supports the implementation of the strategy with the Object Key results (OKR) procedure and the related feed back loops. The strategy structure and description are seamlessly connected to the OKR implementation.

Get the snapshot you need through assessments

Activities and tasks don’t always tell you the whole story. The service allow an effective way to ask participants for a more accurate assessment of activity development. The evaluation is given in a structured way, linked to the strategy. Assessments allow your teams to give deeper insights not only about their progress but success.

Feedback loop as part of the dialogue

With breakthrough view connected to the strategy enable employees to have the right conversations with their teams and leaders to guarantee high performance. The generation of results is ensured by visual monitoring and a feedback loop. The comments and insights of the actions are saved in the dialog.

Performance management

Create shared meaning from fragmented information. The service allow You to connect the company’s internal data sources and supports the monitoring of the company’s results, efficiency and operations as a BI solution. It focuses on data analysis and connects metrics and scoreboards to company strategy.

What gets measured gets done

Measure significance and effectiveness. With the help of the service features, you connect the relevant success indicators to the desired strategy levels all the way to the action.

Report success on strategy

The service automatically collects and connects data from anywhere in the organization. Visualize fragmented information into easy to understand form. Its versatile comparison possibilities in terms of goal, budget and implementation ensure a continuous scoreboard of the situation.

Enrich numerical data with tacit knowledge of the organization

Get insights from your teams and individuals. The Poll features of the service allow you to make inquiries from the entire staff if necessary. Surveys can be qualitative or quantitative in nature. Queries can be automated to be continuous.

Wysiwyg editing

All service scoreboards and reports are visually editable by the user, allowing for fully self-designed views. Add numbers, tables, strategy implementation structures, news, or external content visually.

Let the reports come to you

The service’s scheduling features allow scheduled reports to be sent directly to recipients, thus facilitating the delivery of information.

Financial KPI´s from a management perspective

The service automatically collects financial information from the financial system and generates the income statement, balance sheet and traditional financial indicators. The indicators can be fully adapted to the customer’s use.

Monitoring and comparisons

The financial reporting of the service is designed to support ordinary and more special comparisons of realizations, as well as to combine budget and forecast data. Fixed key figures can be collected automatically directly from Google Sheet and Sharepoint / Excel spreadsheets.

Part of the ecosystem

The service is designed to integrate with other systems in the company. Whether used in spreadsheets Google Sheets or Sharepoint + Excel, we can read budget and forecast data from spreadsheets either at the account level or to higher level key figures.

Business dashboards

The service includes a comprehensive set of metrics and indicator management with advanced customization features as well as ready-made integrations and API for developers. We constantly maintain key metrics from ERP, production management, project system, sales control to marketing system. Forecast values can also be the basis for a rolling forecast or scenario

Market monitoring

Brings monitoring of the external environment effectively for the organization to analyze. It provides a real-time, staff-enriched market picture and a better grip on the rapidly changing and uncertain operating environment.

Know Your market

The service allows you to describe the markets in which you operate or seek opportunities. It enables the structuring and sharing of monitoring of the operating environment and ensures a tight grip on the ever-changing market environment. It is a powerful tool for analyzing risks and opportunities to get a better picture of the situation. With Trend radar tool You can recognize business-relevant phenomena and trends and their evolution. Spot what others do not see.

Engage your employees

With market intelligence features, you can effectively engage new voices in strategy work, encourage new perspectives and discussions on market opportunities, and ensure your organization’s competitiveness through market intelligence. The findings can be seamlessly integrated with strategy design analyzes.

Stakeholder and Industry insights

The Market Watch features allow you to easily keep up-to-date with competitors, customers, stakeholders and trends. The Market Watch features allow you to easily select companies to follow and their registered websites. Furthermore, your situational picture can include feeds with information concerning operators’ financial situations, campaigns, product releases, patents, industry news etc.

Trigger organizational learning with digital facilitation tools

Comments, sharing, and categorization increase organizational learning. Digital facilitation tools triggers smart collaboration between teams and helps to transform insights to action.

Make your market monitoring efficient and automated

You can put a stop to time-consuming browsing and let automatic data retrieval take care of monitoring new market events. Monitor, comment, classify and recommend news feeds with the service’s comprehensive range of features. The Market Watch features allow you to easily select companies to follow and their registered websites. Furthermore, your situational picture can include feeds with information concerning operators’ financial situations, campaigns, product releases, patents, industry news etc.