Living Strategy®

A new era of leadership that helps you succeed in strategy work. It is as much about discovery and continuous learning as it is about planning. It is a close collaboration between the board, management and key teams.


Market and business insights

Stakeholder monitoring

Trends and observations

Metrics and KPI´s

Datamanagement and integrations

Initiatives and innovations



Structure of the strategy

Focus and alignment

Strategic goals


Coordinated actions

Ideas and initiatives


Objectives and key results


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snapshot and foresight

It is critical to invite new voices to strategy work, to encourage new perspectives and discussions. As a business leader, you need to create a dialogue that transcends organizational boundaries and leads teams to the full potential of delivering results. Data collection and democratization creates innovation and supports change management.

Strategy formulation and change management

It is crucial to be able to create a common, understandable language that makes participation in strategy work effective. Visualizing structures and connections, gaining internal knowledge, and creating context to facilitate strategic thinking deepens our understanding of what we do and why. Understanding enhances commitment, which is a prerequisite for leading change.

Coordinated  Actions and objectives

Effective implementation of the strategy starts with transparent involvement already in analysis and foresight and ensures that the teams work according to the focus areas. What is needed is inspiring meaning, clear direction, concrete goals, clear roles and doing what has been agreed. It motivates individuals to implement the strategy by involving them in defining their own goals and measures.

Integrate key players

For the first time in the history of strategic management, the Living strategy platform truly integrates all key players in the same virtual space online, from government to employees, from strategic learning to implementation. The data structures, communication and user interfaces of the service make it easy to use for all parties. This is needed to reap the full benefits of strategy and change management. Increasing strategic capabilities is the real competitive advantage. In a nutshell

  1. Speed up the understanding of important information
  2. Clarify the current situation and foresight of the company
  3. Share important information transparently
  4. Take advantage of the tacit knowledge of the staff
  5. Focus on strategically important issues
  6. Act openly and on time

Living Strategy™ Platform

A software tool that connects the board, CEO and key teams

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