Can consulting be something else than a project?

Growth partnership program


We are your partner in the productization and development of business-management consulting services.

For us, partners are essential in deploying best practices in organisations, and we know that customer relationships mean everything to our partners.

Our partnership programs are intended for management consultants and trainers for the purpose of taking customer work to another level. Our cloud-based software platform offers our partners new possibilities for the productization, continuity and content of consultant services.


The perfect tool to execute and update strategies created with management consultant

Benefits for You as a Partner

  • A new service offer that generates new opportunities with prospects and current customers
  • Service creates an open channel to the current customers and
    • positions a consultancy provider from being project based to becoming a partner
    • makes it possible to deliver new type of virtual services
    • generates new leads by indicating when customers needs additional services
    • Increases customer satisfaction and value of consultancy by ensuring the results of the project
  • Revenue sharing increases the income and profitability
  • Continuous service improves the predictability of future revenues

An effective way to improve profitability and value of a company

Benefits for Your clients

  • Speeds up flow of critical information
  • Improves clarity of the company’s current situation and foresight
  • Improves transparency in decision making
  • Improves foundation for strategic actions
  • Developes and utilizes the knowledge of the organization
  • Improves engagement of employees
  • Focus on strategically important issues
  • Improves transparency and efficiency of execution

In 15 minutes, you will have a comprehensive evaluation of the current situation of your strategic management