Smart Strategy

For small to medium-sized teams and management groups for a complete strategy execution and follow up tool.

280€ per month including 10 users

roadmaps make strategy work

Clarity to implement your strategy

4straction helps businesses to bridge the gap between strategy and action. When you know where you want your business to go, 4Straction will facilitate your team get there.

Why 4straction for strategy execution?

Coherent view

See the big picture of Your strategy execution in all levels. Create inspiring meaning, clear direction, concrete goals and clear roles.

Aligned goals

 Sharpen your focus and goals. Empower your team to focus on objectives and outcomes. ​It ensures teams work according to focus areas.

Improved performance

Bring Your KPI´s in one place to make better decisions. Automate goal tracking, data collection, reporting, and focus on what creates value for your business.

All in One strategy platform

Execute, Measure and Adapt your strategy in one easy-to-use tool.  See how  to visualize and  connect objectives, projects, ,KPIs and more, making your strategy to success actionable and measurable. 

See how strategy takes place

Try features help to schedule and manage systematically follow-ups, decisions and actions when monitoring the execution. Automate goal tracking, data collection and reporting.

Manage your teams’ actions all in one place to make sure everyone is pushing in the same direction. With the road map view you can instantly create a view from different perspectives. Reachability of objectives, prospect of success, state of activity, all the key issues in monitoring the success. 

Follow the objects and KPIs

Create shared meaning from fragmented information. With the help of the service features, you connect the relevant success indicators to the desired strategy levels all the way to the action and enrich numerical data with tacit knowledge of the organization. The service includes ready-made integrations and API for developers.



Customer stories

“For us, the added value has come from the fact that the strategy does not remain mere phrases. With the help of visuals, the participants can really see how what they do affect the realization of the strategy and what role their own actions represent in it”

Tero Kärpijoki

Data & Analytics Manager, Magicad


“The fact that it is possible to identify threats, evaluate targets, vote on alternatives. You can, for example, familiarize yourself with the meeting materials in advance or assign tasks for the next meeting. This makes meetings more efficient. In addition, it is possible to use the results of the work phases as a basis for the content of the following work phases and to take them to other workshops.”

Jari Jokinen

Lead Consult, Netum

Joutsenon Elementti

“Together with 4straction, we built a tool for forecasting our cash flow. The end result is very good and we were able to predict the development of last year’s cash register and the monthly fluctuations very accurately already at the beginning of the year. For the local management of our factories, the information produced by 4straction has been eye-opening and enabled professional development.”

Simo Tahvanainen

CEO, Joutsenon Elementti

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