Actionable insights with PESTEL-based market analysis

Identify market trends with biggest potential and transform them into your next actions

Discover strategic actions that will really have an impact by identifying market trends with PESTEL and assessing their opportunities and threats!

New trends are constantly introduced to the market and their correct interpretation is vital for your success. Underestimating a threat or failure to capitalize on a significant opportunity can be very costly and, at worst, allow your competition to gain competitive advantage. Therefore, these signals should be analyzed and corresponding actions should be included in your action plan now rather than later. This template is designed to support you identify current market trends and help you translate them into potential actions for your action plan. Conducting this workshop regularly will ensure that you are not missing out on any important market signals and it is also a great way to increase the level of participation in your strategy process across all organization levels. 

This workshop starts with identifying current market trends through the lens of PESTEL and voting for the most urgent and impactful trends. Then, participants will continue by identifying the opportunities and threats that these trends pose to your organization and vote for the most significant ones. After that, participants will identify actions that could help your organization to utilize the opportunities or defuse the threats and categorize them according to Business Model Canvas (BMC). Finally, participants will vote for the actions that should be incorporated into your action plan to ensure these most significant opportunities or threats will not be left without attention! 

Workshop flow

  1. Identify market trends with PESTEL
  2. Evaluate the market trends
  3. Identify threats and opportunities these trends pose
  4. Prioritize the most significant threats and opportunities
  5. Identify actions that would help you address the threats/opportunities
  6. Vote for the best actions
  7. Shareable results
Example PESTEL items