4straction, a Saas software company, raises seed funding for next step to grow.

Lappeenranta, 4.6.2020 – 4straction Ltd is excited to announce that we have raised funding from Gorilla Capital, Guida Invest and current shareholders. The funds will be used to accelerate further development and growth.

The new investment round will enable 4straction to further capitalize on its way to a leader in strategic management software tools in Finland and internationally. New software innovation is a key area of focus for 4straction, which will enable to bridge the gap between strategy and action in SMB companies and organisations. The funding will also drive our future international expansion. 4straction operates in Lappeenranta and Espoo.   

Markku Nylund, CEO and co-founder of 4straction announced, “We are excited to get Gorilla Capital involved to help us get to the next step. We help our customers to lead their full potential to making results and secure their future. We need better leadership and management solutions in every company and team, especially today’s fast changing environment. 

Petri Lehmuskoski, Managing Partner of Gorilla Capital, “We are extremely excited to be able to invest in 4Straction. 4Straction’s experienced team has showed great growth potential in fast growing market segment  – with a  product that is something we dreamed about while we were entrepreneurs.”

About 4straction

4straction was founded 2016 by three partners with strong background in software business.  They were also founders and builders of successful financial management solution called “Netvisor” which today has over 20.000 corporate clients in Finland.

About Gorilla Capital

Gorilla Capital is Nordic’s most active early stage investor with over 10 years experience investing in first rounds potential entrepreneurs are raising for their startups. Partners at Gorilla Capital are experience entrepreneurs and have exited multiple of companies partners have founded. Gorilla Capital invests in Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Estonian companies typically in B2B markets”.

For more information:

4straction Oy

Markku Nylund, CEO, Tel. +358 400 753863

Gorilla Capital

Petri Lehmuskoski, Managing Partner, Tel. +358 400 525366