We are looking for software developers to participate in 4Straction’s product development

Founded by four partners in the fall of 2015, 4Straction is a start-up company based in Lappeenranta for the purpose of developing a browser-based modern service system for strategic management in SMEs. We have started out in Finland, but are gearing for the international markets. Our background is in the software business and in strategic management, and we have previously been active in developing software and software services that have become market leaders in Finland.

Our goals

Our aim is to develop a new type of software service, which combines the various sectors of strategic management. Strategy is often seen as a slightly difficult concept, and our goal is to make it more understandable and transparent, so that all the potential resources of a company could be put to use. We aim to make the service intuitive and as easy to use as possible, and to apply the best lessons from various fields and the best practices of our sector.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for developers who are interested in the field’s best practices, in self-development and continuous improvement. Your job tasks would include the planning and implementation of operations, mainly using Microsoft tools (SQL Server, .NET) and modern user interface technologies (JavaScript, CSS). We are looking for someone who can take responsibility for their own job tasks and take the initiative.

In the management of software development, we utilise the Atlassian tools (BitBucket, JIRA, Confluence), and we have combined the service’s use analysis and continuous delivery (Continuous Delivery) into the software process. In addition to participating in the overall practices and development work, you would also take part in the analysis of user recordings to improve the overall use and comfort of the service.

Many in our field are of the general opinion that there can be up to a 30-fold productivity variation between different developers. This productivity difference does not correlate with age, training or work experience, so we are also not setting such as requirements for the job. We are looking for individuals who truly feel that software building is something they were meant to do.

What are we offering?

We offer a relaxed and uninterrupted work environment, where working hours and tools are adapted to your needs. We will certainly be offering interesting challenges in constructing an international service and in other significant operations. In addition, we would like to offer career coaching during your work, so that you will be able to develop into a top-notch expert. Our office is located right in the center of Lappeenranta.

Are you ready to accept our job offer? Convince us by submitting your freeform application and CV at . More information on the position: Risto Matikainen, Chief Architect, E-mail: or tel. +358 50 308 8012.