Managing by questions

Leaves are turning to fall colors. It is a beautiful day. I am a CEO. Sometimes I go straight to the point and sometimes I talk about the weather first. Sometimes I listen to them and sometimes I just tell them what to do. When I listen to them, they start to believe that I am interested in their thoughts. And if I ask them questions, they tell me more, and I begin to understand what they think, and why. But, sometimes they don’t actually tell me anything; no matter how much I listen. And if I ask questions too much, will they think that I don’t know or maybe that I have lost my self-confidence. Or what?

Ruling the Management Team

Anyway, in the Management Team, I have made it clear who is the Boss. But, thinking about the Management Team, I think that I need better managers. Jake is often late, Jane looks like she has lost her faith; Peter seems to be my best buddy, always saying yes. Always the same, like they would be playing some game. Maybe I should change the whole gang? Or maybe I should let them hear what I really think? Sometimes I feel that I am the only one in my Management Team. What I actually would really need is open, honest, and passionate communication about the business. The focus should be on the business instead of power play or something else. Yes, that is exactly what I am going to do. But how?

What should I do?

Maybe we should concentrate on our own actions and results. By monitoring and measuring against goals we could get the focus back on business again. But, how do I get the kind of communication that I want? Should I just tell them, or should I be some kind of role model? And what kind of role model? It all sounds so demanding. What if I just tell them what I think and how I feel about this? Should I tell them that I really want their honest opinion and sincere feedback, and that I really appreciate it? Then again, do they have the balls to argue against me? If I tell them honestly that I appreciate their honest feedback, they shouldn’t be afraid of giving it. No, not if they just trust me. But do they? And do I deserve it? Of course I do, if I am honest in my actions, and if I open up my thinking to them, they are likely to have more trust in me. I hope so. It sounds so complicated, like a cultural thing or something. Am I really able to create an atmosphere where people feel free to raise their ideas and opinions – to get a real Management Team going with its full potential? I should, because it is not only good for the business but it would also be good for employee motivation and satisfaction too.

Don’t be afraid of asking

But, if I have to ask, will I ever learn? Or if I don’t ask, will I ever learn? Of course, I do want the full potential of my Management Team! And like always, maybe the best way is to walk there in the middle, listening to everyone and being the boss, and asking the questions and giving the orders when needed. Remaining curious and asking questions opens knowledge sources. It is wise to ask, listen, communicate, think, learn, and make your own decisions. Like someone said, it is all relative, it all depends on something else. It is the never-ending discipline of management and leadership. Build up a great communication culture and test your management team at Now, just go for it!